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After graduating from Newton County High School in Covington, Georgia in 1952, Bob was awarded a football scholarship to Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. In 1956, Bob was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Infantry and completed 18 weeks Infantry Officer Training at Ft. Benning, Georgia. The remainder of Bob’s 8 year reserve duty was in Columbia, SC at Fort Jackson. Upon graduation from Wofford, Bob was hired by Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co. to enter their management program. On a path to a wonderful career with one the best corporations; it was difficult to give up this job with a very bright future. It was in May, 1964, that Bob took the giant step of giving up a wonderful package with SBT&T and entering the real estate business with Tom Jenkins Realty as a commissioned salesman. After four short years, Bob was still thinking about his old boyhood dream of becoming a football coach. Thoughts of recruiting and training football players turn into doing the same with real estate Sales Associates. It was October, 1968, that Bob, along with fellow realtor John Coleman, opened Bob Capes Realty. Like Bob, John was a former athlete and had been teaching and coaching at Dreher High School in Columbia. Thru the years, undergoing minor recessions, sky high interest rates, lots of organizational changes, including Coleman leaving to form his own company; Bob managed to regroup and build one of the largest real estate companies in South Carolina with 8 offices and 255 real estate agents. In 2001, Bob had reached the age where he was ready to do more traveling and pursue some other endeavors. Therefore, he decided to add a property management department to his company. During his 36 years in the real estate business, Bob had acquired over 100 single family homes and condos, it seemed only natural that he should devote more time and effort in managing his portfolio. These were managed by a partner, Nancy Zeigler. Knowing that Nancy was thinking of retiring, we bought her interest and in 1998 formed the new company: Bob Capes Real Estate and Property Management. In the acquisition and ownership of over 100 rental properties over a 36 year period, Bob had learned everything one needs to know about managing rental properties. However, one key ingredient was needed; an individual to oversee and manage the day-to-day operation. Bob chose a young lady, Jana Carter, who started working with him in 1986, while still a student at Columbia College. They started the new company at 1136 Washington Street in Downtown Columbia. Please take a few minutes to read about this phenomenal lady.

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