Jana Carter

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Jana is proud to call Andrews, SC, one of the state’s favorite low-country communities, her home. It was in June, 1983 when Jana completed her high school years at nearby Winyah Academy. She was active in sports, excelling in golf, basketball, modeling and traveling to learn new ideas. For her higher education, she chose Columbia College in Columbia, SC. While attending college, Jana sought out a part-time job with Bob Capes Realty, in their Accounting department. This was the initial meeting of Jana with her partner-to-be, some 10 years later. A large part of Jana’s job in those early days was learning and taking care of the vast amount of real estate that Bob was acquiring, since 1986. When the opportunity came in February, 1998, to become partners with Bob, Jana was qualified for the job and ready to join in the task of building a new company, Bob Capes Real Estate and Property Management, Inc. Jana is a hands-on Broker-in-Charge who knows the values of Midlands real estate, as well as anyone, and better than most in the real estate industry. Jana has 32 years of key owner experience. She has a phenomenal amount of education to better serve her Real Estate and Property Management clientele.

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