SALES – We are members of Consolidated Multiple Listing Service, along with 400 other Real Estate companies in the Midlands.  As soon as we enter the data on your home, it automatically appears on, Zillow and Trulia, and all other sources that offer to the world this date on your property.

We gladly cooperate with other Brokers on the showing of your property, unless you would prefer more private showings.

RENTALS – Just as stated above, your data is shared to the world.  Once we receive inquiries about your property, we have one of our licensed Associates contact and meet the interested party there.  Except in certain cases, we do not allow anyone to drop by the office, pick up a key and have access to your home.  Many companies will do this.

We do all checks on the potential renter, prepare and have lease signed, with your consent have our lockbox put on the property for the convenience for other real estate Agents showing the property;  and our sign installer to erect a professional post sign.

OUR STANDARD MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT – Fees and services rendered are fully explained in contract.


  1. You may be living out-of-town, already have your property rented, but would feel better knowing that someone like us personally visited your property periodically, sent photos, etc. You may even want us to have your lawn or pool taken care of by a professional.
  2. We will set up a personal interview with people explaining this is just a routine service that you have.
  3. The number of people occupying the property and animals present – as best we can determine.
  4. Anything that seems out of the ordinary that might be harmful to your property.
  5. Photos of both interior and exterior.


SET OUT EVICTION – $500.00 (could be more if there is an unusually large amount of items to be hauled away from the property.)

Nobody enjoys this; however, there comes a time when it has to be done.  We will coordinate with the Sheriff’s Department, hire the necessary manpower to set items out on the street and haul off the rest.

  1. RENOVATIONS/REHAB – Our Vendor’s cost plus 10%
  2. You may be in a position where you cannot or do not want to handle the larger jobs that are sometimes necessary. If we already have a Management Agreement with you, this would just entail those expenses over $250.00
  3. We use contractors that we have been using and have confidence in; we will start with an estimate, agree on financing of project, and at the end we will provide you with all vendor bills, plus our handling fee of 10%.



If you need a man who obtained his real estate license in Columbia, SC in 1964; who was trained by the best, Bob Russell and Tom Jenkins, both legendary Realtors, who has done it all; sales agent, sales manager, sole owner, owner with partners; who has built a large residential real estate company consisting of 8 offices and 255 sales associates; who individually bought, renovated and rented or resold over 200 properties in SC midlands and North Myrtle Beach areas; built a residential property company handling 505 individual houses and condos; who has bought and sold other real estate companies; who has served on all the boards; Realtors, Homebuilders, Bank, Chamber of Commerce, various homeowners associations; who has traveled extensively throughout the United States visiting with, observing, learning and putting into effect the best policies and procedures used by the biggest and best real estate brokers in our industry; then for an appointment and fee you need to call me at (843) 340-3149 or contact me by email at  Available to travel at your expense.